Bianci’s Basilisks

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Newcomers to the city, Bianci’s Basilisks are in fact a gang of Mongh Kiegh. They appear inclined to shoot first and talk never with most of the city’s inhabitants. Worse, they seem to be multiplying. Presumably they are named similar to certain wytch cults and “Bianci” is the “succubis” that leads them.

Other noted members include;

“Bodyguard” a Mongh Kiegh that wields a slug thrower to devastating effect and is almost always seen at the side of the “Succubis”.

“Blade Mistress” a Mongh Kiegh swordswoman that has defeated several promising wytches in duels.

“Thief” A Mongh Kiegh that has somehow acquired a modified heat lance.

“Psychopath“ a Mongh Kiegh that delights in hosing opponents down with whatever noxious chemicals, virulent toxins, or burning accelerants she can procure.

“Brute” a Mongh Kiegh gunner with a habit of sniping her target then repeatedly applying a Coup De Grace via the butt of her pistol.

“Fool” and “Coward” a pair of drukhari that have taken up with Bianci’s Basilisks.

The Archon’s Warnings

“Bodyguard” it may be primitive but her weapon of choice is rugged and makes the attached blade a viable ax.

“Blade Mistress” Unless you are a Hekatrix refuse her challenge. She’s gutted enough wytches.

“Thief” I want to know 2 things, 1 who the hell thought modifying a heat lance like that was safe, and 2 how the hell did the Mongh Kiegh get it?

“Psychopath” only a Mongh Kiegh would think of carrying a fragile tank of corrosive, toxic, or flammable fluids into battle.

“Hammerstrike” when this Mongh Kiegh uses her prosthetic that hammer WILL damage something.

“Sniper” do not attempt to engage, you will be shot. Again.

“Brute” same as “Sniper” then clubbed to death.

“Sociopath” Oh god, another one. “Psychopath” was bad enough, now she has a disciple!

“Cutter” I can almost respect her. Almost. It would help if she’d bother to even attempt putting a victim back together.

“Fool” and “Coward” a pair of drukhari that have taken up with Bianci’s Basilisks.

Full Roster

Noora Bianci, “Bodyguard”, “Blade Mistress”, “Thief”, “Psychopath”, “Brute”, “Fool”, “Coward”, Taelor/“Hammerstrike”, “Sniper”(Vassal Champion), “Sociopath”(Vassal Champion), “Glory Hound”, “Gunslinger”, Vic/“Ronin”(Vassal Champion), and “Cutter”