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BlackScar is only an Imperial world in name, in truth it is rather deviant from the current “ideal.” While there is no doubt in the minds of the populace the so called God Emperor of Mankind exists and does act in the galaxy it is considered... unwise, to put too much faith in him acting. There is a similarly warped view of manny imperial institutions; the Echlesiarchy is a deranged cult, the Inquisition are bloodthirsty monsters, and the Mechanus has rectally inserted its own cranium on many matters. Were it not for Magos/Biologis 83-W-8-5’s careful rule and its status as a Forge World BlackScar would no doubt have been purged long ago.

Quotes from locals

“The Mechanus? Stagnant ludites, Omnisaiah forgive ‘em. Some of their rules are good, ain’t right for machines to think, but a whole lot of ‘em are dumber than dirt. Seriously what’s the sense in only using old tech and preventing experiments? And all those rituals! Sure they work for teaching you the right way of doing something but there’s better reasons for doing it right than ‘Because we say so’” Rohk Jensen, iron mill foreman.

“The Astra Militarum is a fine institution in theory but, well, there’s some things that are a little... off. The men and women of the Astra Militarum are people not numbered machines, not every commander should be at the front, small insignia are plenty, retreat is a valid choice at times, and most of the troops need more training.” BlackScar PDF Colonel.