Children of The Eight Stars

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“Glory to the four! The Healer! The Soldier! The Muse! The Scholar! We are their children! Our blades will excise corruption! The truths we have learned inspire us to greater heights! Blessings upon us all!”
Passage from a sermon by Chaplain Kron.

Interesting/strange... a new cult/doctrine has emerged amongst the so called “SlumHive.” Initial reports were acceptable/benign but on close inspection symbols/teachings of the Ruinous powers exist within it. Further study required.
Excerpt from the notes of Magos/Biolgis 83-W-8-5 regarding the Children of the Eight Stars.

“There’s something rotten out in the Iron Wastes. We don’t let our men go out there anymore, if they don’t disappear they come back... different. Wild, like those Throne obsessed whacks. They hide it but you can tell, the eyes are a big thing, always wide and staring, like they see something. Another is there’s this... energy? about them. Even if they’re sitting calmly its like they’re frantic. I’ve seen it up close, my own blood sister lost her husband to it. Poor thing went mad one day and attacked the temple. Put hi- it down myself, no other option and Silvy just couldn’t do that to whatever took her husband’s place. Don’t mistake me, Silvy is tough as nails, there’s just some things it ain’t right to do yourself. Of course with the rumors of a purge being planed word is Bianci is planing on telling the big boss that some of us’ll be taking care of things ourselves, thank you very much. Assuming the rumor is true I know Silvy will end more than her share of whatever is out there.”
Response of unidentified member of Bianci’s Basilisks when asked about the Iron Wastes.