Magos/Biolgis 83-W-8-5

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Enter the new player: Magos Biologis/Domina Eighty Three Whisky Eight Five

Various messages delivered within the city via courier:

MESSAGE BEGINS: Hello Magos/Gene-crafters/Chirurgeons, I felt/determined it was time to introduce/expose my self/plans. You have no doubt noticed/acknowledged my servants/minions/agents/slaves/creations infiltrating/invading/attacking your/my city. The specimens/bodies/salvage they have recovered/stolen have been most interesting/informative and I wish/desire/demand to learn. While clever/derivative, my last teacher, Magos Cawl/Old Fool, is too cautious/traditional/afraid. I suspect/deduced your order/kind and I are much alike, merely approaching/studying the same/identical problem/goals from opposite/different ends, how far/long can our patients/victims advance/last. I attempt this using the mechanical, you two the biological, Urias using fluids/chemicals and H.A.M.Y. with physical augmentation. I propose/suggest we pool/combine our talents/resources. Either way please accept this drone as a token/symbol of my gratitude/warning. MESSAGE ENDS.

“My dear H.A.M.Y., no doubt you have recently received a Mongh Kiegh wrack that played an... interesting message. I am curious as to your take on it.

Your eternal superior, Urias.”

”We shOulD cRUsH THEm. ON tHe OthER HanD ThOsE FOOLS of thE ThiRTEen SCaRS TuTORed FaBiouS BiLE, A MoST INteResTIng CREaTuRE.”

”Really using such a low quality wrack to carry your message to me? I’m hurt.”

“Terribly sorry, it appears one of the mutagens I used wasn’t as stable as I had thought. Please accept these three as an apology.”

”No. I’m not that stupid. Perhaps the Mongh Kiegh would like them...”

“And they’re off. This could get interesting.”

”Indeed. Especially as I sent some as well.”

MESSAGE BEGINS: That was rude/uncalled for. MESSA*BOOM*

Excerpt ends.

I like this new Magos! Now where’s the concept art, finished model, and Urias? Or was this all an excuse to kill Urias? No, Urias and H.A.M.Y. Both survived Eighty Three Whisky Eight Five‘s rebuttal. There were some singed hairs and skin-grafts needed but they’re all alive, for now...