Omega Team

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Omega Team fluff: With the creation of the Primaris Marines the rules have changed. When the Alpha Legion joined with Horus it was not as servants of Chaos but as a mercy killing of the Imperium. But alas, we failed and many have lost their way to serve Chaos blindly. Not us. We subborned the creation of a small number Primaris to use Legion Geneseed. So far it appears they have not been corrupted by the Ruinous Powers. As a test a small team has been sent to infiltrate a Drukhari city. If they succeed the next test will be in The Eye. Perhaps one day we can help rebuild the empire that we betrayed...

Alt Omega Team fluff: Test group Omega was/is performing within parameters. Twentieth/Alpha Legion Geneseed appears/tests as stable/untainted. Traitor warband unaware/unconcerned with deception used to procure samples/material. Traitor Warband’s previously planted orders re. Omega test group for infiltration of Drukhari city has proven useful/interesting data. Preparing additional assets for further study. (See Bianci’s Basilisks, Sicarian team 437-92-03, Adept Calas)