Research at Tungsten Falls

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Magos/Biologis, the new combat servitors are functional however...

What Adept Calas?

I have reviewed the designs and specifications and several things confuse me.


The armor is a simple tungsten/steel alloy.


Would not ceramite provide superior protection?

Of course, production/standard models will use/incorporate ceramite armor however the specified alloy will suffice for the prototypes.

But why not use ceramite and ensure functionality?

Ceramite is harder to fashion/lighter than the tungsten/steel alloy. This allows/enables design adjustments to be made quicker/easier while ensuring acceptable margins/tolerances for production units/unforeseen situations.

I, think I understand.


... the weapon system.

What about it/get on with it.

It is underpowered. A primaris bolt carbine is just as effective and lighter.

The specified heavy lasrifle is sufficient/overpowered for testing/hunting cultists and can draw from/utilize the unit’s reactor for power.

Very well, my final concern is with the control elements. It appears the units would continue to function even if the human brain where disconnected.

I may/am not be the most traditional/puritanical Magos but even I respect/follow the ban on creating artificial intelligences. The linked/distributed control system does allow damaged/lobotomized units to function/proceed but only if at least one is intact/linked to a Magos/Adept


[u]L[/u]ady [u]B[/u]Ianchi: Alright, my interrogator says you know something interesting. Spit it out and I might return your corpse to those animals you call a gang.

[u]P[/u]risoner 1: The fuck bitch! Your torturer said you’d let me go!

LB: It’d have to be real juicy for me to do that, and I don’t like getting hopes up unnecessarily.

*sustained electrical discharge and sizzling flesh*


*additional sounds end*

P1:Gah! Hua, ah, ok, ok. You know Tungsten Falls?

LB: Nope, and don’t care to.

P1:It’s an old mine, dry now bu-

*electrical discharge*

LB: I said don’t care.

P1: Fuckin Bitch! What the hell do you want?

LB: What deadly new thing is there. Don’t look so surprised idiot. It’s in the wastes, you didn’t start by mentioning a valuable resource, your supposed gang was less than half its known size when we slaughtered them, and my interrogator thought it was interesting. Clearly its deadly and new. Now talk. Just facts.

P1: Something there REALLY slaughtered a bunch of us. Fired on us about 500 meters out, never saw it, scary accurate, heavy las weapons, doesn’t sleep, merciless, we couldn’t even retrieve our dead.

LB: you mean loot, how heavy of weapons are we talking?

P1: I dunno, more than a rifle, less than a mining laser?

LB: Anything else?

P1: Not off the top of my head. Of course better accommodations may jog

*laspistol discharge*

LB: You’ve been to Tungsten Falls?

P2: Y,yes?

LB: When?

P2: A,a few days ago. Why?

LB: Anything unusual?

P2: There were guards, big ones.

LB: How big?

P2: Ogryn? We couldn’t get too close.

LB: Why not?

P2: They killed anything within 500 meters of the place.

LB: Exactly or around 500 meters?

P2: It’s like there was a line, you cross it you die, you stay away they didn’t care.

LB: Are you sure?

P2: We spent three days camped just outside their killzone looking for a way in and watching vermin get vaporized all along the line. That sure enough for you?

LB: Yes. Yes it is. Anything interesting about the guards besides this deranged precision?

P2: Looked armored, can’t say for certain though. We weren’t dumb enough to test it.

LB: Damn, that’d be good to know. Still, probably smart on your part.

P2: Anything else or are you going to kill me now?

LB: Nothing else. Actually scratch that. You want to go home?

P2: Hrm. No, rest of the crew are probably dead or scattered after your boys dropped in.

LB: Well you’ve earned your freedom anyway.

P2: You recruiting? Give me some orange pants and I’ll work for you.

LB: HA! Deal, you’ll even get a gun and knife as well. However, you WILL be going home. I want more info on Tungsten Falls new residents. I figure the locals will be more likely to believe my offer if one of there own delivers the news. Even, no, especially if he’s wearing my orange pants.

P2: Offer?

LB: the 500 credit bounty for good info or one of those guard’s corpses. More if alive or they have a safe way in.

P2: ... Throne, you’re mad.

[u]U[/u]nidentified [u]G[/u]anger: Report from the Tungsten Falls area m’lady.

LB: Lets hear it.

UG: Code Word, Throne; Guards are heavily armored, shuttles flying in and out. Code Word, Scar; north west tunnel blocked. Code Word, Commissar; south tunnel open but patrolled. Code Word, Adept; lost 7 experienced locals and 3 Drakes. Animals are getting jumpy. (Translation: Guards are heavily armored, shuttles flying in and out, north west tunnel patrolled, south tunnel unknown, lost 3 experienced locals and 7 Drakes. Cultists are getting aggressive.)

LB: Tell him I send my thanks and 1400 credits. Orders are to back off for now, they’ve earned the 500. Danny will know where the rest goes.


Lady 83-W-8-5,

There are rumors of a heavily armed force at Tungsten Falls. Based on what I’ve been able to gather it appears another Magos is secretly operating in the area. At least I cannot come up with another answer that fits the (admittedly sparse) facts.

Your Warmistress, Noora Bianchi.

Apologies Bianchi,

The Tungsten Falls Lab/Research Station is mine/Adept Calas’. I am cognizant/aware existant security/guard arrangement/contract states your gang/army should be providing forces/soldiers. My records/calculations indicate/show you have no/negligible force/base near Tungsten Falls, current forces are at limit/insufficient to maintain current operations and garrison/defend Tungsten Falls, existant gang/guild activity/presence there is minimal, Tribe/Devourer/cultist activity is increasing/organizing, and Wolfram Dragoon drones/armor require testing. Tungsten Falls is a minor lab/research station used for equipment/materiel design/testing, as such it is sacrificial/unbefitting Basilisk defense/garrison.

Praise be iron, Magos/Biologis 83-W-8-5.

Understood, I look forward to live fire testing the Wolfram Dragoons.

Succubis Noora Bianchi.