The Ascendants

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Haughty, pompous, rude, pretentious, flashy, these are how members of the Ascendants are described by other gangs. In truth The Ascendants are less a gang and more a loose collection of rich pricelings more concerned with showing off than the politics of the city’s numerous factions. Their only concern is ensuring the next archon will be them. While the other gangs often deride them for their vanity they are forced to admit if the current archon, Dru’thau the Shining, were to ever fall it would be one of the Ascendants that would take the throne.

Dru’thau the Shining: the lovingly sarcastic ruler of this small corner of the webway. In his own words; “Unlike the coward Vect and his sycophants, I have no need to hide in the shadows.“

Shu the Pugilist: the least refined of the Ascendants Shu still commands respect among any that would rather not find themselves beaten to a bloody pulp by an irate woman armed with Hydra Gauntlets. Which so far is most of the city.

Aru’tur the Coward: the common joke about Aru’tur is that he only survived long enough to join the Ascendants because he was to afraid to remove his armor. However it’s interesting to note that he hasn’t refuted or taken offense to the joke, appears to be Dru’thau’s right hand, and even Shu increased how much armor she wore after a duel with him...

Sy’lak the Debtor: Once a member of the Strike IIs Sy’lak still uses the liquifier he was grafted with while bound to H.A.M.Y.

Gargoyle: Upon joining the Ascendants this scourge took it upon himself to act as door guard. Due to his incredible patience and stillness combined with his normal perch he gained his new name.

The Archon’s Blade: She is the one Dru’thau dispatches when he wants someone dead now. A consummate rider none can evade or escape her within the city even if it requires leaving her beloved jetbike behind to pursue on foot.

Succubis and Incubis: a pair of lovers from an unknown wytch cult they are considered an unwise risk by many...

Zyd’aang the Corsair: the only survivor of a group of pirates known as the Black Tears Zyd’aang was for a long time a slave of Shu after his crew was captured by a raid staged by several local gangs