The Crows

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The Crows:

Elite gang with close ties too H.A.M.Y. Gang I.D. is black bodyglove and gold/yellow armor

Valkyrie: Defacto "Leader" of The Crows. The past 5 to claim leadership have died gruesome deaths. Valkyrie has so far refused to officially take charge but the rest do as she says, Name taken from Mon-Keigh legends she identifies with of winged females that harvested the greatest warriors as slaves/concubines. (38,000+ years is going to introduce corruption and translation errors.)

Magpie: thieving scavanger, ALL equipment was stolen, prefers to swoop in and kill-steal.

Raven: slightly clumsy, ditzy, but reliable and highly adept at hit and run attacks. (Personality adapted from secondary/tertiary character Raven from the webcomic Questionable Content, 3474 pages so far.) Blue bodyglove, pink hair

LaCroix: ex-harlequin player, grew vengeful after a Craftworld Psycher lost control releasing demons that slew his lover. (Based on Eric Draven from the 1994 movie The Crow, his body-type is simmilar and his helmet matches the eye makeup.)

Talon: Wrack on permanent loan from H.A.M.Y. to the Crows

Tengu: envious of the Acendants but well aware that as a clone he would never truly have the respect of true born Drukhari Tengu has become a fiercely protective co-leader of the Crows

Corvus: A rare creature among Drukhari, a man without ambition. Corvus has been repeatedly invited to join the Acendants on hunts but always refuses stating he is content to merely serve his gang.

JackDaw: a young clone eager to achieve glory in the colosseum. The constant derision he faces only seems to spur him to greater heights of achievement and gregariousness.

Craw: an almost suicidaly brave Hekatrix, she has chosen to have her flesh dyed metallic purple risking being mistaken as a debtor to the local hamonculi