The Tribe

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The most recent/current name the Genestealer cult in Pit Mine 47 is going by. Numerous/35 attempts have been made to cull/exterminate the infestation to no long term/permanent effect. Most effective: attempt 7, approximately 256 years, orbital bombardment, unacceptable loss of materiel/7 mining rigs. Least Effective: Attempt 6, approximately 5 years, 1 inquisitor and 5 Astartes strike team, negligible damage to materiel, 4 Astartes lost, and ID:10T Inquisitor survived. Typically Effective: 27 attempts, approximately 100 years, 3 year purge by Inquisitor led unaugmented army, 1-2 years inoperable for repair work on single mining rig and minor damage throughout.

The Tyranid/Genestealer infestation is approaching/exceeding acceptable/safe levels. Raids by the mining guild/cultist against Bianchi’s Basilisks show/exhibit significant hybrid population. Purge request/authorization has been sent (authorization code: Magos 83-W-8-5, 54Y5-2-K1LL-TH3M), awaiting additional forces.